No lies, all fun Proper US PVP server

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No lies, all fun Proper US PVP server

Post by Mawf20 » 05 Dec 2018, 15:05

Are you tired of joining servers, with 3 pages full of rules? Are you tired of so many whiny carebears that would rather hold eachother close and build castles, than defend there own homes? Well look no further, Join the playground today, and participate in how this game should actually be played. Fast skills, Fast actions, fast everything. join the server and play how you want, but you still die like everyone else.
[US]Misfit Playground|HeavyPVP|JH|Fastaction|kits|events|12/2

Open PvP fast build, fast everything.
Starter kit for each claim and member.
3 main rule list.
Events every week.
1 day truce for 24 hours, if you want it.
JH Friday, Saturday 90 minutes.
Balls to the wall fun!

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