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[MMO] O - for Optimizations (

Post by Arrakis » 13 Dec 2018, 10:52

Life is Feudal: MMO

Thanks to you - our players and the series of recent open world PvP stress tests we’ve gathered a lot of valuable performance data. It has showed us that our current performance bottleneck is in some of our network protocols and the amount of data we transmit during gameplay.

Thus in the current patch, we have implemented seven(7) different network protocol optimizations that should significantly boost the performance and smoothness of gameplay during massive open world PvP engagements where the amount of players and horses in the same area can count into hundreds of players. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the upcoming stress test!

It is important to mention that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you stay tuned for the next 2 weekly Devblog updates for some important hints and news about upcoming information and the future of LiF:MMO.

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Abilities that drain stamina will consume it instantly (and it will regen during the ability execution)
  • The highly detailed landscape setting is now turned off by default in all setting presets
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Seven(7) different network protocol related optimizations that should significantly lower amount of the network load both on the servers and clients increasing heavy load performance significantly
  • Fixed server crash related to the player’s position saving
— The Team

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Re: [MMO] O - for Optimizations (

Post by Nefezer » 14 Dec 2018, 17:27

Arrakis wrote:Life is Feudal: MMO
Abilities that drain stamina will consume it instantly (and it will regen during the ability execution)
Oh? Interesting ... testing 8-)

Thank you for your dedication and effort.

Go in peace.
In a game in BETA version we have to cope with the stressed development team with black humor :twisted:

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Re: [MMO] O - for Optimizations (

Post by Nefezer » 16 Dec 2018, 13:28

By the way, a few notes to keep in mind. The food in the game is quite unbalanced. Taking into account the factor of progression of the profession of cook we will make a detailed study of what is wrong in its approach.

When an avatar starts the game he has access to various resources and food. In Artisan we have Branches, Flints Stone, Plant Fibers and sling ammunition. At Nature's Lore we have Edible Taproots, Edible Berries and Mushrooms. Also if we have access to a forest we can collect bark, Apples and Hazelnuts. From the seas, lakes and rivers we can collect Water and fishing for Cod, Herring, Trout and Salmon. Through hunting and Snare Traps we can get Game Meat, White Meat, Bones, Feathers and Fur.

Everything mentioned above leads us to the following considerations:

- First assumption. At the beginning an avatar usually appears near the coast with access to Water, since then you must bear in mind that if you want to cook you will need Water in some new recipes of Nature's Lore, so you will have to be anticipatory and store it for the future before embarking on a trip to areas where Water is difficult to get.

- Second assumption. Change Campfire to 3xBranch + 9xFlint Stone so that it resembles your graphic model in the game.

- Third assumption. How do you make a Primitive Pot in the desert area where it is very difficult to find rocks? the rock must be changed by the flint. I suggest using 1xBranch + 9xFlint Stone... Apart from that you should also check the Mortar and pestle and the Primitive crucible and stick.

1> An avatar just arrived on the continent will have a hard time getting Apples to assemble a Snare Trap. The Snare Traps must be divided between Grouse Trap (with a bait of Edible Berries) and Hare Trap (with a bait of Edible Taproots). Once it is easier to set traps, we can implement the Wineskin (1xFur + 1xPlant Fiber) in the game, in order to collect 10 units of Water you must have a Wineskin in the inventory (the same to melt the snow). The Wineskin can be manufactured with the Hunting ability at level 0. It is recommended that alcoholic beverages also use Wineskins and that Empty Bottles are only used in Alchemy Potions (apart from using alcohol you should also have Empty Bottles in the inventory) . It is not so easy to find sand in the northern half of the continent to blow glass and some cooking recipes require Wine, that is the reason for the recommendation.

2> In the recipes that can be created in a bonfire with Nature's Lore there are some incongruities. There are many ingredients that can not be used at the beginning like Pork, Beef, Egg, Potato, Peas and Cabbage; these recipes must be passed on to the Cooking skill (Bacon, Beef Steak, Boiled Eggs, Boiled Potatoes, Pea Porridge and Cabbage Stew). A Boiled Eggs, Boiled Potatoes, Pea Porridge and Cabbage Stew should be added the ingredient 1xWater. The Cooking recipe Water with the snow ingredient must be passed to the skill of Nature's Lore. The recipe Boiled Chicken will be modified in 5xWhite Meat + 1xWater. In Nature's Lore you must add the new recipes of Roasted Turnips (1xFlint Stone + 4xEdible Taproots), Wild Berry Jam (9xEdible Berries + 1xWater) and Roasted Marrow (5xBone + 2xFlint Stone). All these recipes that use the Water ingredient require equipping the Primitive Cooking Pot tool or higher.

3> From now on we are moving on to the Cooking skill and above all to the recipes of 4 ingredients that are the ones that are usually cooked when a chef is already a specialist in his trade. These recipes are very unbalanced avoiding or favoring some ingredients, it is a pity that many ingredients do not have their representation in this category and therefore most of the great guilds do not even grow or produce (Potatoes or Honey for example) or they only accumulate in their stores without exit (Pork for example).
- The Bread recipe is wrong, it must be 1xDough. The Dough recipe must have realistic proportions (5xFlour + 3xWater). Reduce the Cheese recipe to 4xMilk to better match the production of a Small Stable.
- Recipes King's Beef Stew (1xBeef + 1xBoiled Eggs + 1xOnion + 1x Carrot) and Beef Cabbage Hash (1xBeef + 1xCabbage + 1xBoiled Eggs + 1xOnion) are only differentiated by one ingredient, then to promote Potatoes that have no use in any recipe of 4 ingredients we will change the recipe of King's Beef Stew to another variety of stew (1xBeef + 1xPotato + 1xCider + 1xCarrot).
- The recipe Pork Sausage (1xPork + 1xEgg + 1xIntestines + 1xOnion) is the only recipe of 4 ingredients that Pork uses but since it also uses the ingredient Intestines (which has a very limited production) it limits its output a lot, this recipe is barely cooked by lack of Intestines. To be able to give out Pork in the category of 4 ingredients we will implement the new recipe Roast Suckling Pig With Honey Potatoes (1xPork + 1xPotato + 1xHoney + 1xHazelnuts).
- A recipe is needed to output the Codfish in solitary called Cod Breaded With Fine Herbs (1xCodfish + 1xBread + 1xEdible Taproots + 1xHazelnuts).
- New recipe Lamb With Mushroom Sauce (1xMutton + 1xCider + 1xMushroom + 1xCarrot).
- New recipe Salmon Patty (1xSalmon + 1xDough + 1xPotato + 1xEdible Taproots).
- New recipe Baked Stuffed Trout (1xTrout + 1xPeas + 1xHoney + 1xBoiled Eggs).
- New recipe Roasted Stuffed Chicken (1xWhite Meat + 1x Grapes + 1xHazelnuts + 1xCheese).
- New recipe Meatloaf (1xGame Meat + 1xWine + 1xOnion + 1xCarrot).
- New recipe Herring In Sour Cream (1xHerring + 1xApple + 1xOnion + 1xMilk).
- Optional new recipe Gazpachuelo With Salt Bone (2xPotato + 1xEgg + 1xWater + 1xBone) :crazy: http://www.rachellaudan.com/2011/06/sal ... lados.html
- Optional new recipe Ajoblanco (1xHazelnuts + 1xBread + 1xEdible Taproots + 1xWater) :crazy: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyl ... -ajo-white

With all these recommendations I'm sure that more than one expert cook will go crazy cooking all those ingredients that only served to saturate your pantry.

Due to the extension and lack of time the Google translator has been used, I hope they excuse me if there are any words out of context.

Go in peace.
In a game in BETA version we have to cope with the stressed development team with black humor :twisted:

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