One year is one year

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One year is one year

Post by Skathi » 12 Jan 2018, 04:54

IDEA: Integrate settings for the age of the character at start up. Make it possible for the character to age one year for every year that passes, or make it mandatory, no setting option.
I came here just for this topic. Ive played Banished, and wore it out in a week. That gave me a thirst for the structure of the game and found on my own LiF had FV. I had already bought LiF: MMO but there werent any communities (servers) that held my interest. Another game took me away. This last week I found FV and am hooked. Personally in my opinion its the best builder game out so far.

I wish MindIllusion would put some serious real time into improving Forest Village.
Id buy it again just for the add-on "One Year is One Year".

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