Organised Chaos Directive

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Organised Chaos Directive

Post by Jaexx » 05 Jun 2020, 20:58

We are looking to add 5-6 members to our small group. Some of our members have been around since YO pre MMO some are new
but we all share the belief in Teamwork. We are not a Dictatorship and value each members opinion. Experience is not a issue we welcome new and old players to join us - New players will receive guidance and help whilst levelling and more experienced players will be able to contribute ideas & suggestions - maybe we will learn something from you!

Drama Queens need not apply!

Must be able to speak, read & write basic English.

Small laid back guild - part of a growing alliance.
Discord & TS3 used
UK/EU Primary Timezone - but all welcome.

Real life will always come first - but when it doesn't become part of a tight knit group and run together!

Speak with one of our recruiters via discord:


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