[Oceanic] Philanthropy

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[Oceanic] Philanthropy

Post by Popptart » 23 May 2020, 22:24

Philanthropy is an English speaking guild operating in Jodensbrug and Shin-Shin cakmet.

We are recruiting Oceanic and US players.

We're a new guild, looking to carve out a small piece of land to make our own. There's no age requirement but we are looking for mature players. There's no voice comms requirement, but realistically, sometimes it's just necessary and we'd expect you to join Discord in these situations.

Rules are simple:

- Don't be a dick :good:
- Help each other and the collective :beer:

Apply through our Discord https://discord.gg/nFrnTma or message me in Discord IbaneZ#4929.

Keywords: New Zealand; Australia; NZ; ANZ; Australasia; Papua New Guinea; Plalau; Guam; Solomon Islands; Vanuatu; New Caledonia; Fiji; Tonga; Samoa; Cook Islands; Polynesia; Hawaii; US West Coast

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