[MMO] Player Requested Tuning and Bug Fixes (

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[MMO] Player Requested Tuning and Bug Fixes (

Post by Arrakis » 04 Oct 2018, 10:54

Life is Feudal: MMO

While we are working on some more major updates that we hope we will be able to present to you rather soon, we are polishing and fixing the current build of the game. Oh, and some player requested changes and features are also in this patch! Enjoy!

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • You can rename road signs now
  • Pour water ability works significantly faster now
  • Fountains should no longer decay in the wilderness now to preserve some player built decorations
  • Tweaked ‘/stuck’ mechanics in order to prevent its abuse to get on top of fortification roofs
  • Altered warehouse models and removed open windows from barns
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Fixed all known issues that caused Trader Carts to become bugged in certain situations after crossing server node borders
  • Fixed IB related inventory bug when some items had disappeared while transferring between main world and IB instances
  • Fixed all known bugs that caused the ‘force field’ not to work properly in certain situations
  • Fixed horse spawn mechanics to prevent its abuse where it could squeeze players into certain buildings
  • Added hints prompting that the character’s first name should be unique while their family name may be whatever you like
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Re: [MMO] Player Requested Tuning and Bug Fixes (

Post by H4d3s » 04 Oct 2018, 11:41

...and removed open windows from barns.

Really? Then i want to have an option to open them....

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Re: [MMO] Player Requested Tuning and Bug Fixes (

Post by Johnsterjr1996 » 05 Oct 2018, 16:47

I was curious if you were looking into adding a thirst system along with the hunger.

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