Food consumption

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Food consumption

Post by Asklepiy » 16 Mar 2017, 10:44


I noticed, that although we should have different food, the villagers eat at once only one type of food.
For instance I have in a house:
30 fish, 30 Honey, 40 Vegetables, 40, Meat, 40 Fruits ...

yet when a villager go to eat there, it eats 6 fish, next one too. Thus they all seams to eat preferably fish. And thus there ist no balanced diet, neither is good for the economy, since they keep bringing new fish, and nobody wants to eat the Vegetables and fruits. It is also a problem, since villagers constanly waste time to bring new fish.
At the end of the 2 year, I have in my storage like 3000 Potatoes, but no interest to be eaten. :-(
I think the calories and the diversity of the food is not really working.
I would prefer to see them eating one type of each per lunch, and again if a villager is consuming always 6 fish, then it should consume much less if it has possibility to have meat and vegetables.
So for example, in stead of eating 6 fish, it should eat 1 meat+1fruit+1 potatoe. or just 1/4 of a bread.
It can't be realistic, that a fish, a bread or a pie are the same for a villager, and always consumed with the same rate.

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Re: Food consumption

Post by Schalkan » 16 Mar 2017, 11:26

i think a qualti buff is a good idee wen you eat maybe fish and the next think you eat is not fish it get bett multicator buff

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Re: Food consumption

Post by Drewwit91 » 03 Jun 2017, 10:26

Are you sure that specific food isn't the closest to them? Since I started to manage food by transporting goods from one barn to another with mules, my villages are eating everything. I try to keep certain barns at 50/50

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