24hour game play feedback & suggestion

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24hour game play feedback & suggestion

Post by Rudisai10 » 06 Jun 2017, 21:08

helo i hope my poor english reach you

Ver 1.0.6208
System : Windows 7 pro
spect High end PC

i reach the point life stedy with 2 big house 22 people each house
but there point make my game ruin . my villager keep crycle around when do "mining" and Go to house

1. Vilager Keep Walking Crycle ( bug )
i try replica bug " villager keep crycle" and i found it . its happend when your building in corner and after that You Flat the Land ( Transformer Bioma )

2. Build House In edge ( 2 bug )
Villager cant go house because stuck they wont do crycle like normal do
Vilager cant Extinguish fire like he got block they way with some thing


1. Big Fat Bear dont have meat on them ? only Fur ????
2. More capacity Vilager please
3. Broken house cant be repair ? only can be repair by Upgrade ?
4. Please make Filter what food they can consume , they keep use EGG
5. Teenager Only can do study ? why not he helping carry food / fuel to house ?
6. Life so PEACE event you use Climate Harsh and Disaster On ( like tornado only sweep Tree :V Really !!!!
7. Person View only can do useless horn ? we can do build or interact ? they do but only animation ! we can make item or build just do animation ! and Horn ? what use for speed up villager ? just Fastforward because everting in horn mode are same like speed up x5 there no Defrent !

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