Life is Feudal Official Discord Channel

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Life is Feudal Official Discord Channel

Post by Arrakis » 06 Jul 2017, 22:49

Just a quick announcement about status of public Life is Feudal discord channel:

Ownership of discord channel created a some time ago by members of Vanirs Krigsmen guild was transfered to Bobik and from now on will be managed by members of the Bitbox team only. Mainly me (Arrakis) and Saxxon. Feel free to join!

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Re: Life is Feudal Official Discord Channel

Post by Azzerhoden » 07 Jul 2017, 01:23

Welllll, gonna give a big shrug to the transfer, I never had any issues with the way the Vanirs ran the channel. Don't have a problem with Bitbox running it either. :)

I will give an 'atta-boy' to them for giving it up though. :good:
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Re: Life is Feudal Official Discord Channel

Post by Gastenns » 07 Jul 2017, 12:12

The developers have been running the Discord since almost the day it was created. We had several admins to monitor but to my understanding the only person a Vanirs member/admin has ever banned from the public discord was some guy making anti-russian insults in the russian language channel. Other than that we have let the devs run and organize it. I know some feel that some of the bans by the devs have been heavy handed however I feel all the bans follow with the rules governing these forums which seem pretty standard to most games I've played on. If Vanirs would have been banning we would have banned far more nonsense. We have rules against racism, sexism and so forth in the guild and would have enforced that in the Discord. I personally support other guilds efforts to create a new discord for those that want to partake in that sort of inappropriate behavior thus leaving the public discord clear of it so we can have real discussions on the topic of LiF and get real answers from the devs on our gaming questions.

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