Visual Effects and Building placement

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Visual Effects and Building placement

Post by Boneidle001 » 03 Aug 2017, 08:50

I bought this game as it appeared to have that banished feel with more options and extras added. I have been a avid banished player for quite some time and although the Mods which have been added to banished can make it feel like a completely different game I was hoping that Life is Feudal: Forest Village would fill in a lot of the parts what were missing from banished. (Yes I know the game isn't Banished nor is it anything to do with Banished or the studio which created banished.)

However there are some things which you have added which just make my eyes bleed while trying to play the game.

1. Weather - Love the concept and the idea that the weather changes and seasons are around love the concept of having rain and fog etc. BUT, and this is a huge BUT. Certain weather effects make the game unplayable while they are active. Love the fact that you have snow and everything turns white. So white that it almost blinds you, fog is so dense you cant even place a building the effects need to be dialed back a bit so the game is still playable during these events.

2. The ever changing foundation sizes, just why? Yes if you hold shift the size is put to it minimum but that means I am holding the shift key down 90% of the time while placing buildings or decorations. Now this you might think is just something petty to complain about but seriously a street light can take up to 4 squares but if you hold shift down you are guaranteed that it will only take up 1 square. Just put all the foundations down to minimal size at all times if you want to alter the way they work then you should be holding down the shift key in my opinion you have these 2 options the wrong way around.

3. Placing mines, quarries, clay pits. So you have to put these buildings in areas where there are resources, yep that makes sense. After all you can't mine iron if there isn't any int he ground. So i have found a good place for my mine but where the hell have my roads gone. Because of the colour map you cant see any road or buildings how can you place a mine in a city when you don't even know where your damn road is. This needs to be altered so that you can at least still see your buildings and roads when it comes to placing these structures.

I hope that you at least take these into account or maybe suggest a way these problems I am having can be fixed because as it is right now I would say the game has potential but 50 - 80% of the time due to poor weather effects, not being able to see my buildings or simply forgetting to press shift while placing buildings makes the game near unplayable.

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