Snares: what am I doing wrong?

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Snares: what am I doing wrong?

Post by DeaconElie » 11 Nov 2017, 15:04

Playing solo learning the game. Have animals set to 100 so I see animals all the time; not small ones. I have out 12 traps; 3 different areas, have yet to catch anything; days. What am I doing wrong? :Search:

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Re: Snares: what am I doing wrong?

Post by Mudvayne » 17 Nov 2017, 18:52

Not super sure, but I think the traps have to be in "wooded area"? in the taller grass under the trees I think... Hope it helps.

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Re: Snares: what am I doing wrong?

Post by GavinMcStine » 18 Nov 2017, 14:04

Snares will not trigger if they are placed within X radius of any building or movable object. Trees might be the exception but bark boxes seem to also prevent snares from triggering.

I do not know what X is but I would guess around 20-25

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Re: Snares: what am I doing wrong?

Post by Miarrobino » 25 Nov 2017, 07:38

Snares are not catching the wild animals you see running around. They have a chance each day of catching either a rabbit or chicken, and when they do you will see a little bag hanging on it. When you "check the snare" you will get a little rabbit or chicken item in your inventory and the snare disappears (one use).

As long as they aren't too close to any buildings you should be fine. Sometimes it will take a few days for the snares to "catch" something. They don't have to be in the woods, along trails, or anything like that. I have used them successfully on dirt, fertile soil and forest soil. They might not work on rock or sand or clay, but never tried. Oh, and spacing doesn't matter either - I usually make a line of them next to each other to make them easier to check.

(Note animal traps work completely differently - they will only trigger when an animal or player walks over them. They do damage and root them for a short time.)

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