To Arrakis, Bobik, Hell the Whole Dev Team

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To Arrakis, Bobik, Hell the Whole Dev Team

Post by cassie » 18 Nov 2017, 22:46

I am completely stunned, you guys have not fixed NA servers 90% of ppl cannnot get on the damn game, and I'm seeing posts for EU (of course) " We're testing Dispatcher related fix that should increase the stability of the dispatcher and overall performance of all EU servers. Will keep you informed. Thank you for your patience!"

While we on NA region can't get on, the EU server can f-ing wait for the performance updates etc.. while the entire team should be working on fixing NA. You guys have your priorities all messed up. I am so disappointment in this game,dev team my overall experience is just sour. I want a refund of the money I spent, because reading your post on discord and how you as a company feel its more important to fix EU performance issues then to fix a regional launcher is down right ridiculous.

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Re: To Arrakis, Bobik, Hell the Whole Dev Team

Post by Arrakis » 19 Nov 2017, 00:32

Well, to be clear, EU dispatcher server was constantly crashing and had pretty long downtime. NA server, even though it's still inaccessible to many players, it's actually working relatively smoothly with few hundred people playing on it. We obviously had to concentrate mostly on fixing the entire EU region crashing. I think our priorities are in the right place and we're going step by step, resolving still present issues. Please remember, we are relatively small company and our manpower is limited.

That being said, since we've dealt with EU issue (mostly), we have managed to trace the source of the NA connection issues and are going to patch it soon.

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