Which Launcher is not broken

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Which Launcher is not broken

Post by Stavious » 21 Nov 2017, 01:10

Hi Guys the Launcher I had worked fine , even though it had colour glitching, since your patch the servers today, the launcher I had no longer works, it takes me as far as loading world(8/9) and then stops.
So I down loaded the launcher posted in forum for it to do the same thing/ download the launcher posted on the home page. and all do the same freezing and crashing at Loading Game (8/9). What ever you have done you have broken this game for a lot of player over the last few days since its Launch. For me now the game is like flogging a dead horse. I also has been one of the most hungry gigabyte usage in playing the game. I've used in 4 days patching 4GB and playing game 7GB a total of 11GB to play this game. You have creater a Lemon that I will not be buying any subscription for in the future.
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