Official statement on using scripts, macros and bots

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Official statement on using scripts, macros and bots

Post by Arrakis » 01 Dec 2017, 21:52

We want to react to some drama that is building up around our recent EULA update in part of scripts/macros/bots within our game. We want to clarify our position.

  • We are GOOD with clicker automatization, where repetitive clicks/keypresses are automated by either your keyboard/mouse or simple clicker program.
  • We are AGAINST macros that let you emulate a multiple key presses or mouse movements at once or with a certain timeout.
  • We are AGAINST bots or any sophisticated scripts and macro/bot software that lets you emulate a series of in-game actions. Go there, use this ability, wait 10 sec, go here, drop an item.

Our game design goal that we're trying to achieve is to lower a number of repetitive tasks within our game. And where it is not possible to avoid repetitive actions to implement in-game automatization (autocraft). We're obviously far from reaching this goal for now, but we're on the way towards it.

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