item placement issues

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item placement issues

Post by Threndor1 » 24 Dec 2017, 02:48

In placing any items, I am given an X/Y/Z/R window that I can't make do anything no matter how much I click (or where in the box).

I have to say this is horrendous UI design as there is no indication of +/- for any of them buttons. Example: if I want it to go up, where do I click in the Z button? Same for down.
Usually, if there is some sort of response to clicking, I can figure out whether X or Y is left/right, so I am not so worried about that part of the equation, but still indicators would be nice.

Specific issue: I wanted to build multiple beveled stone stairs into one square (because the one I built is useless by itself...) and clicking construction movement buttons has zero effect on the step, which is colored red due to overlapping the first step I built there.

This really is a game breaker for me right now.

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Re: item placement issues

Post by Daniel_St » 24 Dec 2017, 13:24

Hey there ;)

If you want to place an object you have to press and hold the button for X, Y or Z. After this just move your mouse up and down or left and right.
This way you will adjust the chosen value.

If you want to place an object across the Z axis you have to build it first. Only complete carryable 3D objects are placeable while carrying with adjustment of the Z-axis.

Have fun and happy holidays :D

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