Furnace bug

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Furnace bug

Post by Tonycstech » 01 Jan 2018, 00:14

I have few questions about this game.
Its still not fully released ?

Furnace not working. Mining skill 30+ furnace has only ONE option, inspect.
Built second one next to it, no luck.
People were complaining about furnace problem for over a year. How long does it take for devs to patch bugs ? :%)
MMO version of this game inherits all the bugs and catastrophic crafting mechanics with it, correct ?

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Re: Furnace bug

Post by Daniel_St » 01 Jan 2018, 01:52

Hey there :)

Maybe the furnances are working. Maybe you are just try to use it without the required skill.
By the way, you need "Materials preparation" skilled up to 30 to unlock "Smelting". And maybe, just maybe, you need the skill "Smelting" to use a device to... uhm... do smelting. The "Mining" skill is just usefull to get your raw material. Nothing else.

So... maybe you should read the Wiki or ask less accusing in cases like this here.
Just maybe ;)

Anyway, have fun :D

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