A couple suggestions

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A couple suggestions

Post by Sanshi44 » 02 Jan 2018, 08:33

atm its gets extremely difficult to manage Large villages of to even set up a city area, here a few suggestions.

- More storage controls allow us to set which item and a limit on specific items going into warehouses/barns, For example you can set one barnto hold 300 firewood and 500 food and nothing else or you can set it to only hold 200 tools max and any amount of other items and so on when they fill up the villages will find the next available storage area that meets there requirments if they dont find one it just acts as the warehouse is full.

- Caravans there 2 problems 1st problem is thats there no way to make them leave any items behind the only option is take everything or nothing at all and pause trade routes every couple days to balance things manually which is just so bad when you have like 30-40 routes on a map....... Allow us to set if there more than X amount of an item he takes the extra or have trade route work 2 ways where he tries to balance the resources between the 2 storage area's, second problem is there not enough routes on a building when your building 6+ Caravan building to maintain resources its just gets ludicrous..... add more trade route for each donkey on that building i would do 4 per donkey so 20 per building total. I would change the whole building to the merchant tries to balance the resources between routes and 4 trade routes per donkey allocated to that building.

Baked goods - These take a wee bit on the long side to craft especially when your eggs keep getting taken the moment they end in a warehouse as food source instead of baking ingredients you need like 5-10 chickens farms just to get a bakery consistantly stocked with eggs which isnt good tbh :( not to mention one pie takes sooo long to cook i feel it should be halfed by its current amount especially bread since it has pretty much same value as potatoes. (pretty muuch impossible to stockpile any kinda of baked goods atm and then you get a ludicrious amounts of basic food filling 20+ barns only to have it all go in the winter :P )

Cosmetics terrain changes - Can we get some way to add different ground textures that can be placed below buildings kinda like how pavers work atm however you can place it after the building is built and wont interrupt the building at all. For example i use to use to make squares of dirt road under every farm plot i made so it didnt have grass and it looked better however it resets to default ground after loading the game :( being able to paint area under building would be nice for example dirt for farms/orchards and stone around the building for foundations/paths all the way to the doorways.

Pavers rails should be removable by building ontop of them its nice having paved area's but when you cant remove unwanted railing for building its just frustrating, for example i spent about an hours trying to add a fishing hut off paved area by transforming terrain up to remove the railing and then trying to remove as much of that dirt as i could to not get the railings back so i could place a fishing dock going off the edge of a paved pier its realy should be simplier, simply having building get priority over the railings (Removes them to make room for them) which make a huge difference

The first 3 things and major issues for me, im kinda getting sick of restarting worlds around the year 50 mark simply because by that time i wanna have a city major population hub which you just cant manage with the logistics required to maintain resource routes. I liked having a central hub with specialized villages branching off it but maintaining the resource flows gets unbearable and if you slip up for a second and not pause a trade route one side will starve of freeze to death -.-

Edit: yes im aware there probably mods to help with this but i rather not use mods since they disable achievements and tbh i shouldn't have to use them to make the game bearable they should be there to add to the game not make it playable.

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Re: A couple suggestions

Post by Axe22 » 03 Jan 2018, 18:24

The suggestion you make concerning the donkey routes is already in the game, although it is admittedly quite hidden. When you open the donkey building to configure the routes, each route has something that looks like this:

5 --> all --> 1282

If you click on the numbers to the left and right of the --> (the 5 and the 1282 in my example) then you can change the mode that the route woks off of, as well as the quantity for those modes where a quantity is applicable. The "all" mode needs no quantity, and so you don't see it listed there. When it is set to all, the donkeys take it all. But you can set it to several other things, including balancing quantity between the two storage buildings using a ratio.

5 < 1:1 > 1282 means balance both buildings the same
5 < 1:10 > 1282 means balance so the target has 10 for every 1 in the source
5 <>200 1282 means balance so to ensure 200 remain in the target
5 -->>200 1282 means transport if target has less than 200
5 200>> 1282 means transport source has more than 200

There are lots of configurations to choose from, although it does lack some granularity when it comes to specifying the quantity. Use the tool-tips because they explain for each mode when you select it how it is gonna work.

Click on the rightmost number (1282) to change the route's mode. Click on the leftmost number (5) to change the ratio or the quantity that the mode uses for its limit.

Also for the egg problem. If you don't want villagers taking eggs for food you can tell them not to eat them in the city window. Open the window and double-click on the egg icon. A padlock will appear superimposed on it. The padlock indicates whenever the resource is locked to the villagers. Note that when a resource is locked, haulers (including donkeys) will still haul them around, and buildings that need them for recipe ingredients or construction will still grab them to do their various jobs. Only the villagers just won't eat them anymore. Likewise with the firewood if you prefer them to use the existing coal supply. Careful with this feature tho. If you forget about it and then run out of coal, they can't get warm on the wood anymore. Likewise for some other resource/job combinations. If you turn off meat and fish and veggies and fruit and milk and grain and flour and eggs to be able to make only cooked meals, and then you run out of one ingredient so the meals stop coming, your village will prefer to starve themselves until dead rather than break into the padlocked yet plentiful fish stockpile.

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Re: A couple suggestions

Post by Axe22 » 03 Jan 2018, 19:11

Now that I think about it, that donkey stuff I was just talking about might be coming from a mod I am using called "Caravan Extended". In fact it probably is. So if you don't see that behavior, subscribe to that mod and turn it on to get it. I also use it to bump up the number of routes you can have in each stables building which helps a lot.

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Post by Machpelah » 10 Jan 2018, 00:32

Or am I missing something?

Fish pies have 25 cals.

Fruit Pies have over 50 cals.

fish and meat pies can be made relatively quickly, but the fruit pies, along with veg pies, seem to take forever because they each require the fourth ingredient.

Fish and meat pies only require milled flour, fish or meat, and water.

Eggs are required for veggie pie and milk is required for fruit pie.

No matter how long I lock consumption and how many of any type of pie I stock up on, once I unlock consumption BAM, all pies gone in like half a season.

What is this broken system?

If pies give 6-7+ times the calories as a raw fish or raw veggie, why do the pies disappear so fast and then continually deplete so quickly?

The pie should sate the villagers' appetite for quite awhile - but no, they run and take all the pies, eat what they can immediately, and then head back for more pies, incessantly, until all the pies are gone.

8000 veggies + active fishing and hunting can barely sustain my village of 135 through a winter, and when I try making pies over SEVERAL years, it does no good because they evaporate so fast, as I describe above.

I don't understand why something you have to labor and plan so much for, and which requires so many other ingredients, efficient pathways, etc. AND shows that it has so many calories should disappear in a virtual instant.

Please, fix the balance of how villagers interact and satisfy hunger with pies.

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