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Post by Machpelah » 12 Jan 2018, 16:09

We need hotkeys for buildings. Once the town gets to a certain size and doesn't fit on one screen it becomes harder to find buildings. For instance, I built a third weaver workshop, but it took like 3 years to build because at the same time I was researching at the keep and that sapped a lot of resources. By the time the Weaver was built I couldn't find it. Yes, I can scroll up in the messages until I find the notification that the Weaver was built, then click the > to go to where the Weaver shop is (so that I could toggle it from normal clothes to warm clothes since I have plenty wool)... ....but wouldn't it be so much easier and nicer and more versatile if control+w toggled camera centered on your Weaver workshop(s)?

Pressing the hotkeys once would center view on your first such Weaver, doing so a second time would center view on the next Weaver shop you'd built, and so on, then repeating, so you could cycle through all your shops quickly.

How nice if
ctrl+F = Forester
ctrl + G = Gatherer
ctrl + M = Mine
ctrl+ Q = Quarry
ctrl + B = Baker
ctrl + P = Pier Fish
ctrl + F = Fish Farm
ctrl + I = Crop Field
ctrl + H = Honey
ctrl + S = Smith
and so on.

Some keys, obviously, would have to be assigned different letters than the first letter of the word, due to several different buildings that start with F or S, for example, but hotkeys would be nice!

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