Steel Armor and Leather Armor

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Steel Armor and Leather Armor

Post by Bondz.carbon » 31 Jan 2018, 02:48

Hello, since I play the latest update about steel gained from blaze furnace. I think is it possible to make steel armor. And leather armor made from leather with both flax and wool. Also make it more time to produce one armor. so it won't make the storage full.

Perhaps castle armorsmith will produce the Steel armor and Leather armor. The villager who wearing them are for Knight or guardsman work at castle gate perhaps 2 villagers per gate, then leather armor are for archer work at watch tower with 2 villagers per tower.

For weapon i think blacksmith will add more option besides produce tools like steel weapon for both guardsman and archer.

So they will face against the raider who came sometime to burn our village. Thanks you, sorry for my bad english :)

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