Healing Self

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Healing Self

Post by DEAD_RABBIT » 20 Mar 2018, 18:57

I am playing on local single player. I would like to be able to raise healing so I can raise alchemy. As far as I know there is not an option to heal self even when playing by yourself and you can only raise it by healing other people. This needs to change at least for the YO version if nothing else.

I dont care to play with others. Thats why Im not playing on someone elses server or on the MMO. Personally I dont like people and like to solo this game. I make the decisions and dont have to deal with PKs ganking me for no reason.

That said if you want to respond about how this game was developed for interaction with others your simply wasting your breath. Like I said I dont play well with others. Never been a team playing and dont care to try.

Fact is this game is build not just for those who like the human interaction but for those who dont or there wouldnt be an option to play on a local server by yourself.

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Re: Healing Self

Post by Rodar » 09 Apr 2018, 08:56

How do you decide that someone is interested in your whining? You will not be heard, this is a social game, such as there are not needed, you can go to close alone and cry

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