Cell broke (bug?). Can dig, can't lift.

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Cell broke (bug?). Can dig, can't lift.

Post by Vakulav » 27 Jan 2018, 23:24

Hello. We have a strange bug on our Your Own server. It happens second time. One cell broke. We can dig it, but we can not lift it.When trying to put some soil (or whatever) on it - just plays sound "_onFailedAbility". Because of this - we can't terraform everything above it. Someone said that paving could help - but it also does nothing - only plays that sound. We dug a mine around and under that cell with hope of ground collapsing - but that also didn't help. We don't know what else we could try to do.

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Re: Cell broke (bug?). Can dig, can't lift.

Post by Metison » 07 Feb 2018, 00:52

Hello. I have a lot of same bugged cells in my server, but I know how to fix them. You need to lower the level of cell, as much as you can. After 4-5 times, try to put some soil on. If you hear the sound, then lower again. Don't forget to pave cells around bugged one.
Sorry for my english :)

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Re: Cell broke (bug?). Can dig, can't lift.

Post by Rmcclsky » 21 Mar 2018, 22:31

I'm having a problem with digging now.

I dig out a section of rock until it won't give me more. But it does not change the appearance of the section.

If I then stand on that section, I get stuck.

Those sections do not seem to decay as they normally would.

I play on Telmun.

Not sure what to do!

I have tried repair and re-install. Neither helped!

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