Utopia rp/pvpve/Active Gms/Kits/Market/frest 3/25/18

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Utopia rp/pvpve/Active Gms/Kits/Market/frest 3/25/18

Post by Ryden09 » 29 Mar 2018, 07:08

Utopia is a Fast Actioned Rp/pvpve Server that is Designed for individuals for that want to make their stories and Develop in a fast Actioned Environment here in Utopia we Focus on Stories not Necessarily the Grind. We Hold Events and will have Set Market Days, Also has new land that has been seen very often new land means new building and stories. What path would you choose for this Life is Feudal.

with 3k skill Cap

100 skill multiplier

first monument given

starter tools

Estastblished Market

half second Terraforming action/paving/building/gathering

please stop by for rules/ concerned Questions


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Re: Utopia rp/pvpve/Active Gms/Kits/Market/frest 3/25/18

Post by Zaniada » 29 Mar 2018, 07:27

We are excited to announce that there are many beautiful territories available for you to come start your own settlement. The views from most locations are amazing and you will LOVE your new settlement.

The interactions with players have been great so far.
Omg gathering and crafting is so fast!!! You will love it.
GM's are also very active and can be called in to help with any major issues though they leave the RP alone (right??!!). You also will have a GM come right on over to you to help you built your monument as soon as you find that perfect plot of land.

10/10 Will def keep playing here!!!

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