[OFFICIAL] Start a New (RP-PvEvP) : Economy | Coins | Markets | Guild System

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[OFFICIAL] Start a New (RP-PvEvP) : Economy | Coins | Markets | Guild System

Post by Heathcliff » 13 Jun 2018, 15:16


About Us:
Welcome to Start A New, where our community members come first!
We prioritize your gaming and role play experiences to ensure a fun and hospitable environment.

Server IP:

Livemap: https://livemap.feudal.tools/livemap_id=861&s=main
Discord: https://discord.gg/S4kfFXQ

- Fully working and sophisticated economy with currency, monetary logs, guild fund records and a market system with graphical data for price changes. All data updates automatically with price changes and profit margin fluctuations.
- Automatic guild roles created for new guilds
- Custom guild channels once a guild earns its name
- Quests, Events, Public Works to gain coins
- Start fresh and new!

The Economy:

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Start a New (RP-PvEvP) : Economy | Coins | Markets | Guild System

Post by Galiusz » 05 Aug 2018, 16:55

I do not recommend this server. Whole guild can be banned because of break rules by one member of the guild. They will just block you in game, on discord channel and even on private message on discord. You dont receive any explanation or reason of ban.

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