[NA TELMUN] Kingdom Of Israel

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[NA TELMUN] Kingdom Of Israel

Post by Michaeldp1982 » 03 Oct 2018, 18:53

[NA TELMUN] Kingdom Of Israel
Kingdom Of Israel is a brand new guild in Telmun just put down a Guild Monument. We are recruiting to round out our guild. looking to have just about 10 players. we are looking to be a small active guild

We are open to both new and old players alike!! Willing to teach any new players as well as learn from the veteran players who have any knowledge that they can pass along.

This is a great place if you want to make a difference and not be just another cog in a larger guilds wheel.

We have a good set of members and focus on crafting/building and trading and.
but we are looking for fighting players as well, as soon as we finish building up the guild we are looking to do some fighting.

but with the new Update, we also looking for a few good pure pvp players for defending our Kingdom

we are serounded by friends of ours, so even if we do get attacked before we finish building up our kingdom, we will have the back to fight back

the guild been made from 2 members that been playing together almost from the start of the game so we know what we doing ( most of the time).

if u looking to be part of something from the ground up, your place is with us

our main goal for players is to each have 2 toons, 1 to be pure crafter and 1 to be pure fighter, but it's not a must.

Join Us on Discord: https://discord.gg/bQGhBZA

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