Baby killed by mistake

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Baby killed by mistake

Post by Faskimy » 06 Oct 2018, 13:54


By clicking the "Pause or resume work" button on any house control panel, it makes all residents leave the place, and instantly kill any child living there.

The mechanics is quite strange. I understand that there isn't any model for babies, but I don't know, we could consider that the child is being kept "safe" by the adults and is relocalized or reintroduced into the house when the action resumed.

Me accidentally clicking the button took a dramatic turn in my game, since I just started with "no building" option on, so I had one male, one female. I waited 2 years for my first baby to pop-up. And then, I killed her...

It could be easy I guess, just to pop a warning window "Are you sure you want to relocate people? By doing so, all children in the house will die"...

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