[US]Lands of Rostoc[RP/PvP][Events][Economy][Kits][Live-Map][10/8/2018]

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[US]Lands of Rostoc[RP/PvP][Events][Economy][Kits][Live-Map][10/8/2018]

Post by Dorian_Fendrel » 08 Oct 2018, 06:54

The Lands of Rostoc is a new iteration of our Role-Play Community. The story will be attached below if you're interested in the lore, before making the decision if this server is for you. The title of our post explains a bit about us, and just so happens to be our server name. Were a rather new community, but growing very rapidly. We are designed to fill that niche of players that want lower skill caps, and slower progression for longer game times.

We are very untraditional with our way of handling rules and role-play. We are a power to the player type, with very little to no GM interactions. They act behind the scene as a motivator to push role-play by the settlements. We strive for a real, open world feel. Do as you wish, your consequences will always get you.

Our rules are very straightforward and simple: Don't be a dick. Follow role-play and respect other players. Here, anything is possible. The events and situations, whether it's in PvP or PvE, are never-ending. We want the players to be able to open their minds, and really enjoy the world for what it is. Realism is a huge part of what we do here.

If you're interested in what you see, please check out our Discord at Https://discord.gg/t4EzEcr. Everything can be found here. Feel free to invite your friends as well. The more the marrier. We do allow for starter kits, mods, a player driven economy, and multi-weekly events. The Lore will be below. Enjoy.

In the jungles of Rostoc the world seems so simple. What seems untouched by mankind, this land has much to offer. The big mountain ranges, and massive dense forests as old as time itself reside here.

From the distance, this island seems quiet, closed off from the rest of civilization. What secrets does it hold? Perhaps natives live within the forests, or inside the mountains. Maybe new species of animals and plant life. Surely these lands have been discovered by someone else before us, it would be impossible otherwise. I see a chance to make a lot of coin.

The days run together, I'm not sure how long I've been here. Weeks? Months? The nights are the worst... I hear noises.. unnatural sounds in the darkness but I dare not leave my camp. Farming here is hard. Most of the land is wet, nothing can grow. The rain is hot, like acid falling from the sky. All types of insects, everywhere biting and gnawing at me. I have not found any signs of human life here. I think i'm the first.

Winter is here. It's not as cold as I figured it would be. The noises seem to have stopped. I venture out of camp only during the day still, scraping for food and water. I may try to go back home, nothing is worth this amount of torture. Its been a few days, and I think I found it! A room, full of treasure as the legends found on a totem describe. Tomorrow, I'm going for the gems. If I can get them, I will be the richest man! I will be a King! No, an Emperor!

These accounts were found by a man named Kruta Vekdren. No man has been found. No sign of Gems or of this Totem. Adventurers.. this is your call. Will you answer?

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