Introducing the Blood Island

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Introducing the Blood Island

Post by Giriro27 » 14 Oct 2018, 11:30

Hello folks,

we would like to introduce our dedicated Server called "The Blood Island"!
Obvioulsy there are a lot of highly visited and way more famous Server out there, but still me and my friend wanted to create a good performing server that welcomes everyone around the world and having a nice feudal time togather.

Some keynote about the Server if you're intrested to take a look:

- Starting Kit: Monument Material, Horse, Some Tools and Food
- Working Trade Post
- Container Size increased x2
- Live Map:
- Highly Performant Server and Stable Internet Connection
- We're open for suggetions and can be reached almost all the time:
- No sudden Server shut down and bragging for donations
- No Admin absue because there won't be any active admins at all

Feel free to take a trip to the Blood Island and let's enjoy this awesome game togather.

Our Homepage:

Name: (EU/US)Blood Island (Launch 12.10.18) NO ADMINS PVP/PVE

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