Ostracism is it in YO?

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Ostracism is it in YO?

Post by Catall » 22 Oct 2018, 14:53

i'd like to get information on Ostracism on green Servers.

We gave it a try and had a guild declaring war on 10 other guilds.
All involved parties had neutral standings towards each other before war-declaration.

The war-decing-guild has not get derelicted after 10 war-decs.

An analysis of the guilds_action_queque in DB shows, there is no "field" to change derelicted Status for a guild. Tho it might be unnecessary to put it there because software decides about Ostracism.

So i set the war-decing-guild to derelicted manually by changing 0 to 1 and restartet the Server and startet JH.

Noone outside the was still able to enter "Guild Land" of the to be derelicted guild.

So for me it looks like Claim is 100% safe at the moment on green-Servers.

This is a pitty! Even in green worlds War-Parties should at least be able to enter the claim of their enemies.

The option to allow entering a claim by fiddeling around with the /claimrules and stuff is not really an option. This should be given by system.

Many things can of course be changed in skills.xml from red to green or everywhere, but as the Server still does not send edited xml-files to the client it would be kind of half a solution (for those who DL the according files manually).

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