Rework Alignment and death penalty

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Rework Alignment and death penalty

Post by WestArcher » 10 Aug 2018, 16:46

As title.

Skill drop tends to scare a lot of people away from open world engagements, and alignment is pretty boring at the moment.
Essentially all you accomplish with it is grinding less if you die....
Honestly I think full loot is good enough for death penalty

So my suggestion is to first rework alignment into something that is actually interesting, Give it some bonuses or abilities at high negative or a high positive alignment and have that drop towards 0 whenever you die (sinners should still require an indulgence to pass a certain point).

The more alignment (positive or negative) you have the more you lose when you die.

Then slap some passives or abilities to make a heavy +/- alignment preferable.

IE: Negative alignment characters might gain the ability to apply poisons or other nefarious skills

and Positive alignment characters might gain a passive luck bonus in combat or a even confer combat luck to players around them.

Just as an example.
Going this route the benefit of a heavy + or - alignment needs to be worth keeping! (especially if you want to sell alignment insurance!)
Equipment maintain probably needs a rework too if negative alignment characters gain poisons.

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Re: Rework Alignment and death penalty

Post by Gfarley-perry » 11 Feb 2019, 20:05

I disapprove of pushing player to commit crimes for more than loot.

The possibility I see to give alignment value is as currency in weekly event:
The event may requires different tribute and provide different buff based on the chosen god.
For example : we sacrifice to a god of War at a Cathedral
the cost is 1 slaves, 1 warhorses, 1-300 portion of a specific 5 ingredients food...
For each participant you choose your engagement for example I sacrifice 1 additional slave for more effect, I slaughter my warhorse for mid effect or I paint my face with their blood for a small effect.
Logically the alignment would drop during that action 20,10 or 5, but for a year in game you deal 3, 2 or 1 % more damage. Having only 1 god available per month (in game) would make it a bit predictable while providing weakly event.
I m sure player would learn a bit more about the lore if they lived it.
I fear that limiting such event to the player most liked by the god in question or the pope is too restrictive but if we give them a bonus like make it cost half the alignment / pay more for good gods while providing double the bonus. This would push player in competition for the title but not excessively if a player with 100 piety can host the event.
Also I feel like we need to provide opportunity for smaller event in smaller religious building: at 90 Piety you can host the event at a church but no slaves are sacrificed. At 60 Piety you can host the event at a chapel.

You could have event of neutral god, making move alignment according to the player wishes and rituals practices, Providing a better bonus by lowering alignment.

The only bonus I would give to negative alignment character would be reducing the actual penalty or resetting to -49 min the alignment after death.

I would also reduce a character's alignment by providing incentive to ambush traders.

NPC traders could also be an entity like a coach driver or a cart puller, that spawn at 6-7 am in game carrying the goods sold at markets.
If they stop past 6-8 pm they stop for the night.
They could get raided but the initial alignment cost should be a lot (people attacking a trader should be branded a criminal for 1 h+ 1h per previous trader raided). Also raiding a trader passing by your territory should incur a triple penalty (they should appear in green).
Having multiple appearance could help us target valued goods, for exemple:
I buy for more than 600 pounds then the trader cart will need more than a small cart, but someone closer bought another 700 from the same market during the same day so a slow donkey cart is used all the way to the first then a trader cart to reach me. If the goods value is greater than 1 Gp 1 NPC guard will follow, greater than 5 Gp= 2 guards...). If the amount bought requires it I would add more cart or if the path differs it would be normal for 2 traders cart to spawn in the morning from a single donkey cart at a pit stop.

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