Development News #144 — Celebrate the Gods

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Development News #144 — Celebrate the Gods

Post by Arrakis » 22 Feb 2019, 18:30


Hey, Feudalists!

This week we’ve been working hard on squashing bugs, smoothing bumps and implementing even more new features and updates. Before we dive in, we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who reported bugs and shared their feedback. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through issues so, thank you from all of us.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out already, you can read the patch notes from this week’s updates [here] and [here]. On top of fixing some of the most common bugs, we have implemented the highly-anticipated Church of all Gods. A grand, decorative structure in honor of the colonization of Godenland! Who will be the first to build it?!

Speaking of firsts, we are delighted to announce the first explorer to complete the Ferdinand Magellan challenge. Truly an illustrious explorer, Svatobor Slavards has visited all 32 regions. Congratulations, valiant globetrotter!


You can check out the other challenges we prepared in this [dev news] but if they aren’t quite for you, how about a self-declared ‘best dressed’? Strut your stuff in fabulous feudal threads; all no-drop clothing has 30% off!

Another recent addition you may have spotted: God’s Coin - a new consumable item, which can be purchased with God’s Favor in the Premium Shop and is now needed for supporting bigger Personal Claims. We’ve gone into more detail on our guide - check it out [here].
One God’s Coin supports one tile of your Private Claim for one in-game day.

How to add God’s Coin:

    -Access your inventory
    -Open the ‘private monument’ window
    -Drag and drop God’s Coin into the private monument container
    -Click on ‘sacrifice’
Before we sign off, we are excited to share these awesome photos from a recent raid as kingdoms clash and warriors rush to dominate areas of Godenland. Don’t forget to share your screenshots with us!


Have a great weekend!

-The Team

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