Development News #164 — F2P for all — gather friends!

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Development News #164 — F2P for all — gather friends!

Post by Arrakis » 19 Jul 2019, 17:01


Hello, Feudalists!
This week is marked by a number of major updates in the feudal world, which we hasten to share with you.

First of all, as we announced it in our recent AMA, the full Free to Play mode was released this week. What does it exactly mean? We’re excited to say that, starting today, every player can get the full access to the game for one character and explore giant, hardcore and realistic world of Abella absolutely for free! That's not all! Every newcomer will receive a special gift, 3 days of Premium account, that will help to boost Feudal experience and make the first steps in Feudal world a little bit easier and enjoyable!


A great opportunity to gather your friends and explore the giant map and start building a kingdom that will be famous for centuries to come! And don't forget to use the Counselors Feature to get a special reward for teaching your friends!

You can share this link with your friends to download the game:
We hope that new F2P mode will bring more new players to the adventures and journeys on Godenland. We also would like to take a moment and say a heartfelt thank you to all our veterans, who were supporting us daily, from the beginning of LIF history — you guys… are breathtaking. And we will do our best to develop LIF further, improve and extend Feudal experience for all our players!

Secondly, this week we released large-scale in-game update heavily influenced by your ideas and suggestions, gathered on the AMA in the beginning of July. It is the first, “post-AMA” update, opening a series of updates, based on your comments and feedback. We are really happy with the results, and want to thank you once again for your support and feedback that is helping us in the process of improving the game! Let’s look into the details about tweaks and features that were included in this first “post-AMA” update. You can find the detailed report in the patchnotes, here we will highlight only the most important things.

One of the main features of the update is a Traveller’s Idol — a special object located in the starting villages, very much similar in terms of functionality to the Ferryman on Newbie Island, that will make it easier for you and your friends to find each other in the starting villages and to travel to the desired guild claim using a Guest code. Please, take in mind that each transfer action has a 48-hour cooldown.


You can find Traveler's idol in every starting village. We are also glad to say that the concept of such Idol was actively suggested by the community during the AMA. We really liked this idea too, and we believe that it will help the newcomers start their adventure on Abella with more comfort.

As you may have noticed, some changes have occurred outside the Protectorate zones. Something strange and mysterious is happening in Abella's dense and dark woods. It seems that some of the natives have left their villages and started scouring around, for a reason known only to these weird savages. Whatever is on their minds, the Crown recommends you to properly arm yourself before leaving your castles and settlements.


In order to protect peaceful peasants from the savages and weaken the enemy forces, the Crown has increased the reward for loot acquired in their villages. Well, even in such dark times, brave warriors skilled in the art of combat will always find an opportunity to get some gold. We want to add that scouting natives were also a community requested feature, and we hope that you will like the gameplay diversity they will bring in the territory exploration process.

Changes that are included in the updates also affected the crafting and skill progression. We have significantly reduced the time it takes to level up the skills after level 90. It should help dedicated crafters to reach desired masterpiece craft recipes and abilities with more comfort. Another important craft change added in this update is related to the Working Outfits. You have frequently asked us to tweak these clothes, and this week we have finally made some updates in this area. We have tweaked skill level required to equip a Herbalist’s, Cook’s and Engineer’s outfits. Also, Outfits now grant a bonus to every skill on the skill branch they’re used by (for example, Blacksmith’s Outfit now will give bonus not just to Forging, but also to Kilning, Armorsmithing, and Weaponsmithing). They will now also grant an “Inspired Work” effect. And more — for the most attentive feudalists we have teased Stonecutter’s and Breeder’s Outfit. We are planning to release them in the upcoming updates.

And now it’s time for a community spot!
We really liked your enthusiasm with which you began helping the Crown to obtain recipes of the mysterious natives. We want to congratulate all brave warriors who fought with those savages and recovered the secrets of Chieftains' Elixirs.


Your hard efforts were not in vain. Indeed, the alchemists of the crown learned a great deal about these potions. But to continue the research they will need more ingredients and recipes of these mysterious elixirs.
That is why Crown announced a second wave of «Secrets of Chieftains’ Elixirs» event this weekend! It is planned that Crown scouts will bring a new report with a map and information about the location of Chieftains’ Elixirs at 18:00 UTC on Saturday, 20/07. Stay tuned to the #mmo_event_feed on our Discord to be the first who will go on this dangerous adventure!


We also want to share the story of a brave warrior Siberian Bear, who for his prowess and fury in the fight against the repulsive natives can be truly called “Nightmare of the Knools” . He participated in almost all campaigns for elixir recipes. And just imagine, he single-handedly defeated a whole village of pagans located in Cet-dan region which is considered, according to bounty hunters, one of the most dangerous places in Abella.


You can learn more about his achievements in this video. We hope it will serve as an inspiration for all those who will take part in the search for Chieftain’s Elixirs this Saturday!

— The Team

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Re: Development News #164 — F2P for all — gather friends!

Post by Kahlanamnell » 19 Jul 2019, 17:47

If the game is free to ALL players, how do i get a ticket? I just started this game last week...

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