Order of the Phoenix recruitment

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Order of the Phoenix recruitment

Post by Cotrelbe » 20 Jul 2019, 23:27

Order of the Phoenix is a long-lived guild here on Godenland with an active crew and plenty of infrastructure. Where joining a premiere guild often leaves you wanting as far as being a contributing member, we can offer many of the same things while also granting satisfaction in seeing the impact of your work here in Life is Feudal. Friendly and tight-knit, we thrive on cooperation and the balance between accomplishing goals and lining those goals up with having fun. As with all groups, expanding our ranks is always necessary and desired to enhance our capabilities and to expand our own social sphere. As the Phoenix, we burn bright, and even when things are slow, we rise from in-hospitible ash.

Must be at least 18 years old.
We are looking for both PvPers and PvEers.
We are looking for all professions.
We are looking for primarily US time zone players, but any english speakers are welcome.
We are looking for RPers and non-RPers.
We are looking for small independent groups looking to build their own thing but who need a place to do so with an active community nearby.
We are looking for cool-headed and patient people who can fit into a social-dominated culture.
Mostly, we are looking for people who want fun in the game through their labor and adventures, and the people whom we can provide those things for adequately to help them find it.

If interested, join our recruitment discord and chat with some people:


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