[TFM] The Forged Marauders [ENG/ES] 18+ Looking for more Recruits PVP!/PVE

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[TFM] The Forged Marauders [ENG/ES] 18+ Looking for more Recruits PVP!/PVE

Post by Rational_Marauder » 21 Jul 2019, 16:23

⚔ The Forged Marauders [TFM] ⚔

The Kingdom of Marauders and, The Kingdom of the Forged. Both guilds dating back over 3 years to early access of Life is feudal Yo !
Previously enemies to each other , our strenghts were only to grow as we formally merged in early November 2018.
With some of the best PVP and PVE players in the game , we are searching for new blood to welcome into our new family !!
Being a predominantly PVP related guild we find ourselves in a constant battle wherever we can find one , always searching for someone to test our strenght's against.
All levels of skill are welcome to join weather you are a brand new player or an old rusty player looking to get back into the game with a strong active group.

Were currently searching for likeminded individuals , with a criteria as follows;

- A good sense of humour.
- Basic manners.
- Good English with a working mic, both Discord and TS3 ready.
- Active play hours throughout the week.
- Ability to take orders from leadership / appointed Officers.
- 18+ years old.

What we can give you is an experience unlike any other guild , an experience given by only some of the best fighters in the game , some of the best workers in the game , and one of the most organised top guilds there is in Life is Feudal at this very moment. We offer an amazing time in a fun group with a lot of laughs. Things you can expect are as follows;

- 1 on 1 teaching of a working profession.
- 1 on 1 fighting build / stats you would like.
- A chance to grow and learn in a fun, safe, exciting environment.
- An international guild with members from all around the world.
- A place to call home , and a group to create long lasting friendships from !

If you are interested in joining You can find us on our discord: https://discord.gg/NZd2cm7
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