What killed this game? - And is it worth rejoining?

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What killed this game? - And is it worth rejoining?

Post by Avarixzen » 01 Aug 2019, 02:17

I've been AWOL for a while, when the game first released I was excited to hop on it. However I had issues which led to me leaving the game behind sadly. I came to revisit it only recently, to find out the servers had all bee migrated into one, and it had gone Free To Play. Which are both heavily common in games that are losing players and dying. Doesn't seem to have done much to save it looking at the current player counts.

Its honestly disappointing, looking at games like Wurm I was hoping Life Is Feudal would blow up - and in my return I'd be greeted by a world with some lore building, kingdoms and all sorts. A thriving player-base, kingdoms and new features.

All I see though, is barely anybody - a lot of people very disappointing in the game, claiming the developers are at fault.

So what killed the game in the end? If you left, why did you leave? (Presumably you didn't if you're on these forums)

I'm not somebody who strives for PvP content either, I'd be still happy to play the game if it had gone the route of Wurm - aka roleplay based. Just curious.

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Re: What killed this game? - And is it worth rejoining?

Post by SeNeX » 01 Aug 2019, 08:09

The Game is dead.
Sure with the migration and new patch they got to 3000 players for a short period of time but also they lost many active players. I stopped playing as they closed the old worlds and many of my old group did the same some joined the new world. It was this point were the developers cut the chains. No massive claim to care no guild economy that must be dealt with. Now they are back to 500-600 ? That was one Server population in the past.

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Re: What killed this game? - And is it worth rejoining?

Post by Erefar » 01 Aug 2019, 09:09

I play this game about 3 years, and dont wanna go in other games. Yes, this project not a perfect, but this game is unicum. What i really want and hope is a reborn (is a third reborn? i forget but who cares), when LiF will be clearly perfect game, whis no bugs and lags and more, really more contents.
P.S. The game is not dead, you just tired and dont know what you want about game like LiF

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Re: What killed this game? - And is it worth rejoining?

Post by Ishamael » 14 Aug 2019, 20:18

Bad developer decisions killed this game.

1) Hosting NA servers on shitty virtual servers.

2) Having a shit-show release with several delays and servers that were literally wiped because players received GM status on accident.

3) Letting hundreds of asian players with high ping swarm the NA server (they should have been given their own server).

4) Remove PVP mechanics from a game that was heavily PVP from it's founding within the first month of release.

5) Aim-botting and other exploiting.

6) Very bad network code (complicated by asian players) causing IBs to play as stutter frames.

7) They added siege mechanics but then made the leveling system absolutely retarded.

8) etc. etc etc... this list is very long.

To make a long story short, they were originally funded by a hardcore-PVP oriented playerbase and then they got greedy trying to cater to a soft-core PVE playerbase.

Now look at them. Begging for scraps. It's sad man.

There's no joy in watching this game fail. It's not always a good thing to be proven correct.
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Re: What killed this game? - And is it worth rejoining?

Post by The_Lord_Rahl » 27 Aug 2019, 03:39

It's been about two years since I've played. I'm going to reinstall and poke around a bit. One thing that drew me to the game was the minigames and companion app.

I really liked the idea of being able to bank up minigame scores when I'm not at my computer and then use them to speed up some of the gathering.

It still doesn't look like this feature ever got added.
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Re: What killed this game? - And is it worth rejoining?

Post by WestArcher » 28 Aug 2019, 18:00

Honestly the MMO was a mistake.
LiF would have been incredible with an increased server cap (about 200) along with releasing modtools/devkit

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Re: What killed this game? - And is it worth rejoining?

Post by Monco » 16 Oct 2019, 08:32

What killed this game? Pretty simple, devs incompetence, greed, unawareness and retardation. The main issue relies on the game designers which don't have a clue on how to do their job.

From: https://lifeisfeudal.com/Team

Name: Artur aka "binart"
Role: Game designer

Gaming experience/preference: Arda MUD, Duke Nukem 3D, Halflife, FIFA series, WH40k, Civilization series, Fallout 2, Dungeon Keeper

Now you'd wonder why they decided to pick this guy as game designer when they have other people in the team which have played games like UO, DAoC, Darkfall, EVE Online, Shadowbane, WoW, Wurm... and most likely can understand way better what is needed to make games like this one work properly.

They decided instead to let a guy which apparently never played any Hardcore MMO or survival game, design or help designing a survival MMO... like what could go wrong? :ROFL:

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