Allow Destroy/Repair while JH and Containers permissions

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Allow Destroy/Repair while JH and Containers permissions

Post by Diegobh » 13 Jan 2020, 03:21

Good day!

1) Anyone could tell me how enable the options to destroy and repair objects while JH is activated too, please?

I read that u've to change skill_types.xml both client and server but i can't make it work by my own. =(

The other things that i want to knew are:

2) I would like allow all players access containers that don't have lock on it to loot/use/carry then if the container is outside. If the player can reach the container, i would like allow him/her too loot/use it:

So i would like to force all players put their containers at secure areas, that others players can't enter, like as inside all closed walls, inside buildings that have door: all houses (except the first one tiny shaft), warehouses, shops (bs, carpentery), schools.
And if the container has a lock (chest and decorated chest), the players can access after damages more than the half durability.

So the players must put theirs carts inside of warehouses and closes the door. So the doors are locked and others players can't enter.
They must place chests, crates, box inside warehouse, houses, all others buildings that have a door that only owner and guild members with permissions can open/close.

So, if the enemy destroy the monunment, they can open all dors and loot all inside. Or they can loot if some player forget the door openned. So if he can reach the container i would like allow loot then.

Any idea how to do this, please?

Thank you very much, have a nice day!

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