So there are trading posts in the green zones but...

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Re: So there are trading posts in the green zones but...

Post by Eele » 31 Jan 2020, 01:01

Just for the chance that you will actually read this before you make the next account and post the same text again:

I don't want some green zone for snowflakes I have to maintain twice a day.

-> You don't have to maintain a personal claim twice a day.
You can sacrifice copper, silver or even gold coins to get 1,000,000 support points while each claimed tile up to the 100th tile costs 12 support points each ingame day (= 5 real hours).
You can easily generate those coins by selling items to mentioned trading posts in the green zones and have enough support points for weeks or even months.

I want a chance to maybe hide and build and defend with everyone else.

-> That would be option B: Find a guild to join. Guild claims can't be built in the green zones so there is always the chance/risk that you actually have to defend yourself - and also the chance to attack other guilds.
The forums have a recruitment section, there is a recruitment channel on the official discord and also the #lfg chat ingame. Three good ways to find a guild.

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