Books abd writing

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Books abd writing

Post by Capncereal » 09 Oct 2014, 23:47

I'd really like to see the addition of writing in the game. Perhaps if your skill in like, education or whatever was at 30+, you could write on paper made from water and plant fiber or something. It would be cool if there was a table or workbench type thing that carpenters could construct that could be used to bind books.

As far as books go, I'd like to be able to type out the book prep and save it as a "transcript" or something which would be a limitless text file that saves to the object, which may not require any actual resource in game to "craft"... and then you could take it and use it as a source when binding leather and paper at a binding press with whatever other physical resources would be needed- maybe ink made from berries or something. Perhaps number of required papers would could be generated based on number of characters in your source "transcript", so longer books with more pages of text would actually require more resources to make. once you had the physical resources in the slots, and a "transcript" in some other slot on top that would be preserved, you could begin crafting, and then it might take like, 5 real life minutes to complete. You'd have the transcript left over exactly as it was before, that way you could print the same book numerous times.

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Re: Books abd writing

Post by Slaren » 29 Sep 2020, 18:53

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