The Call of Corhaven

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The Call of Corhaven

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Corhaven is recruiting new and veteran PvE/PvP/PvXers. We are a dedicated, experienced group that has been around since the beginning of Life is Feudal. Whether you're new or experienced and looking for a guided experience or something more casual, join our discord for a conversation about our objectives and guild philosophy. We welcome you to come chat to learn more about Corhaven.

What we offer
1. With extensive lands and a well-developed infrastructure, players can take advantage of an already established base, or learn the game by building and crafting their own things if they feel more comfortable with that. This way everyone can find the experience they're looking for.
2. With a diverse membership of experienced and rookie PVP'ers, we can offer tips and training to improve your skills, as well as giving people the chance to share their own knowledge and experience.
3. A strong leadership team that helps keep a focus on a dynamic set of guild objectives so that we can strive for things as a team, while also leaving plenty of time for people to pursue their own personal projects and interests.

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Re: The Call of Corhaven

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Invite links dead

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