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Australian Guild : LIF YO : Australian PvP Server : HOUSE OF DYET

Post by BHKH_GrahamGibbons » 12 Jan 2018, 19:59

I write to you as the day breaks old friend because my Lord Dyet has instructed me to actively recruit capable men and women thru out the lands to his Noble house once more.

From carpenters to black smiths , farmers to hunters , men at arms and builders my Lord Dyet has need of one and all.

As you asked in our previous letter the Estate my Lord has built is indeed in full swing. With secured Stone Keep behind Stone walls and towers , and an adjacent Black smithy with its own ware house weapons and arms are in production as we speak.

The Tannery and Kitchen area is completed with many drying racks and tubs as well spinning wheels and looms to maintain production of the vast FLAX and WHEAT harvest our Household maintains.

Having lost some valuable men to plague ( no longer play ) our once great house is in need of skilled men and women like yourself who are willing to take up arms and protect the land in the name of House Dyet.

We have trade partners to the south and north east as well as 2 other lords who are our sworn banner men. However , unless we soon swell our numbers i fear that House Dyet will fade into ruin.

Should you decide that work for my lord is in your interest , you can find passage via
the ship : DIRECT IP :
You know the master of ravens near your lands can be counted on to relay messages , simply tell him : DISCORD :

As always i remain your trusted friend , and colleague of old ,
Serbastin Stalker
Steward to Lord Dyet

" Our word is never broken , our debts never forgotten. "

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Re: Australian Guild : LIF YO : Australian PvP Server : HOUSE OF DYET

Post by Resellrack1 » 25 Oct 2021, 08:08

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