BLAM-Clan public server: EVERYBODY WELCOME!!

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BLAM-Clan public server: EVERYBODY WELCOME!!

Post by Sparkle_pony » 08 Oct 2014, 01:57

For everybody that has seen our server in the server list, here's some further info for you:

Our Server name is: Public: Newbies Welcome!: TS3 info:

Skill Stats Multiplier: 25
Skill Cap: 1000
Terraform Speed: 4
Crafting Period: 30
Animal Breeding Period: 240
Day Cycle: 2
Animals: 25 (This will likely be raised soon, didn't want wolves eating all our noobs!)
Player Cap: 32

Our Teamspeak 3 address is You will be placed in the guest channel upon first login and somebody will be with you to find out what you are doing there and will give you permissions to join other channels if necessary. If you have problems with getting on our Teamspeak channel, please reply on and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

As far as our Life is Feudal public server goes:

-We DO NOT use GM powers (other than for kicks and bans)...what you see on the server browser page is what you get!

-We welcome any newcomers and are more than willing to help if you need anything from any of us at any time.

-We welcome other clans and will be more than happy to play alongside or against you.

-We welcome veterans as well! Pretty much anything with us, play against us, we're more than up for the challenge!

-We recently wiped our server and have started from scratch. This wipe occurred 10/04/2014. We WILL NOT perform any more server wipes unless the LiF dev team notifies that a server wipe is necessary for further gameplay.

-Our LiF public server is reset every morning at 8:00am Central Time. This is for our daily server backup and LiF server updates. So, if the dev team releases a server update at 9:00am Central Time, there is the possibility that our server will not update until 8:00am Central time the following day. This is a rare occurrence, as it seems as the devs release updates fairly early in the morning, but you never know. I do monitor updates as well as the page daily, so if you see there has been an update, please post there. I will update as soon as possible but can't guarantee that any server updates will be applied the same day.

-If you join our server and we find that you are using an exploit/hack, you will be BANNED....not kicked, not put in time out, but BANNED. There are no ifs ands or buts to this rule, we strictly enforce a zero tolerance rule to anybody that cheats.

-Server crashes are handled automatically. If you experience a crash or can't log in, please wait 5 minutes or so and the server should be up and running again. If you experience any problems that aren't being handled in a timely manner, please post on this page and one of our admins will fix the problem as soon as possible. So far, our server has been extremely stable and we want to keep it this way.

-HAVE FUN! Our admins are here to help, and will take care of any problems you have very quickly.

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Re: BLAM-Clan public server: EVERYBODY WELCOME!!

Post by WCD-Davo » 20 Oct 2014, 16:09

Join our 15 strong clan today and be part of Westfall city. We are looking for soldiers and tradesmen to help develop this already advanced city.

Post here or apply directly at

-We have a walled city
-we own our own server (paid up to launch)
-Our server is 24/7 online
-No GM abuse
-Maximum animal spawns
-Clans already on the server
-PvP events and prizes
-Great community atmosphere
-Events scheduled twice weekly

wether your an individual or a clan our server is excellent and free of abuse. A walled trading city and PvP arena aswell as other clans to interact with.

Join the city of westfall by visiting/applying the gate keeper will check your credentials!

Our alternatively play on our server www.westcoastdefence 24/7 clan friendly. enjoy!

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Re: BLAM-Clan public server: EVERYBODY WELCOME!!

Post by Zaratopp » 11 Jul 2020, 03:13

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