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We are a small group of Mount and Blade players and we are looking to start a strong kingdom. The goals of Almoria will be to create a strong, centralized, trading and military empire. We are international and happy to accept anyone from anywhere. We will attempt to exist peacefully but wont be afraid to use force when necassary. Our main goal is to become a major influence within LiF through political and military strength.


Almoria will consist of three main branches;military, commerce, executive.

The military will be split between professional forces who receive pay for patrol of kingdom lands and trade routes and the upkeep and construction of fortifications. The second branch will be auxiallry and will be comprised of those who are normally other professions

Within Almoria there will also be different Lords and families. Each family will have their own focus, knights, and a place in the council.


Specific rules and laws will be updated closer to release.

Basically just dont troll. We of course want to have fun, but having fun that is detrimental to the group wont be tolerated.

While roleplaying is not required it is appreciated. It can make the game more fun if its done right.


To join either leave a reply below or send a PM.

Just say what age you are, what country youre from, what you want to do in the clan, and how much you can play.


King-Person in charge

Chancellor-Second in command

High Marshall-Supreme military commander

Marshall-General of the army

High Senechal-in charge of supplies and money throughout the realm

Senechal-in charge of supplies and money for a local area

Serjeant-In charge of a small squad of men

Commoner-Anyone not included in one of the above ranks

Clan Members

Chancellor-Bob York
High Marshall-Fearripper123
High Senechal-empty
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Re: Almoria

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Nice presentation ;) I wish you success my ally.

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