[New Guild Section Rules] READ !

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[New Guild Section Rules] READ !

Post by Falke88 » 01 Feb 2014, 08:15

Hey guys,

Since we decided to make the guild section less fixed and more dynamic - we decided to remove any sticky of guild rosters and give the forum for discussions and recruitment a free posting.

Until now we all posted our guild rosters in the discussion which then were stickied by me. That kinda went unfair because some guilds just aren't active anymore. I realised my mistake here and we deleted it.

Now we want you ppl to advertise your guild in the common manner of thread activity (Attention! spamming is no way of activity!).

Also you now have a free hand to post things like trading contracts or diplomatic relation in the discussion thread. We still will decide if we will sticky or subforum those things due the need of viewability.

The recruitment section now should offer the still known way of recruiting via LFMember threads or whole guild recruitment threads.

Actually I think there is no need for clone threads in the general discussion and recruitment section for your guild rosters - so I think we should all move/delete the threads contained in the discussions section over to the recruitment part.

If you need a helping hand to do so just PM me.

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