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Post by Merrybike » 28 Aug 2016, 09:11

I'm really loving the premise of the game, but right now theres a few things that really break down the fun for me. Ive been playing banished for over 400 hours, with and without mods and the part I enjoy the most about a city builder is well... The city building.

In my opinion forest village right now is to hard, and some of it is even RNG.

People can get sick before I ever have enough manpower or resources to afford a hospital, so that's an instant lose. It's happened at year 2 but my last game I made it untill year 10, 48 people all died from rabies because the hospital was too expensive to build.

The way buildings always need flat ground isn't that bad, I get that design choice, but at least make the terrain have flat spots beyond the beach, because this is ridiculous. I'm on the flat terrain type and I can't even put a house down anywhere.

I think it would be nice if you turn disasters off, diseases are gone too. I just play this for fun while i'm watching movies or tv, I don't want to die just because of a RNG disease anymore :(

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