Feedback and some suggestions

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Feedback and some suggestions

Post by Heinrichs » 01 Sep 2016, 16:20

Dear Developers,
I bought your game, after I stumbled over a „letsplay“ on youtube. I did not regret it. I must say, for an early access this game looks quite promising.
Now, I would really like to know, what you are planning for the future. Is this more or less what we will get when the bugs are ironed out, or do you have some more stuff planned or some greater vision for the future months?

Apart from that, I wanted to give some Feedback and suggestions after a couple of hours I played this game:

- When running this game in normal pace, there is not enough to do(micromanagment), or to look at(not enough detail in the gaming world to just observe and enjoy the world. In games like for example „the settlers“, „Stronghold 1„ or the „Anno-Series“ you could just sit in front of your screen and enjoy what was going on in the gameworld. I know, implementing nice looking stuff costs money, but maybe you have some resources left, to bring some more life into the inhabitants of the town.

- The buttons of the UI could be improved. Some windows (for example the one where you place your workers) dont give you any hint what button is for what, unless you mouseover the buttons. Some Icons or symbols would improve that alot.

- I noticed, that scrubs and trees grow on pathes, that looks wierd. Maybe that can be disabled

- Now a suggestion for the coloring of the leaves, the scrubs and the grass in the winter months. After the snow and the frost is gone, the plants turn mostly orange-ish (like they where in fall). In nature, the frost would kill the last remaining leaves of the trees. I know, that you can not get rid of the leaves in the gameengine, but what about turning the color of the leaves in late winter to a more brown-grey color(take a look at some pictures of trees in the wintertime). And I think, recoloring the grass and scrubs to light brown and pale yellow for the grass would let the world look more dead, before the spring brings back the life again. In early spring I would recolor some trees in a lighter green (in germany we call it may-green, when the trees get there new leaves)

- Concerning „flax“, I wondered, why it gets stored in the barn. Wouldnt it be better, if you have 3 storing facilities (instead of the two) One for Food, one for goods and one for building materials?

- That brings me to the next point. Nothing rots in this game. You can put your fish on the shelf forever and it still tastes good 3 years later. What do you think about adding some workshops that smoke the fish (or let it dry in the air) or some workshop that is salting the meat?

- The same goes for the hunter. There is no tannery for the hides. Do you plann to add more steps into the production chains, or will it stay the way it is?

- Another thing, that bothered me, where the wolves and the bears in town, even wandering into the houses. What about the implementation of some sort of townguard, who hunt and kill the wild animals in the town?

- And now my last suggestion for the moment. I think it could be nice, if you could operate bigger fields, when you use oxen and plough to work on the fields.

Sorry for my bad english, you did a great job with this game already. Keep up the good work! :)

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