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Login redirection

Post by Khan- » 10 Nov 2016, 11:45

Hi !

When you are not logged in and hitting "post a reply" or "post a new topic", after getting log, we are redirected to lifeisfeudal.com

It would be better if we are redirected to : at least where we were, or in the "new reply" page, being ready to write

Now, we have to find back the good topic etc...

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Re: Login redirection

Post by ElNarizon » 11 Nov 2016, 14:33

I had a similar issue.

The fact that I use a browser addon that saves cookies didn't matter, I had to login again.

I received an email about a reply on a thread opened by me.
After I clicked the link I was redirected to the main site and had to login.
I switched back to the mail program and clicked the link again and I was redirected to the main page again....

So I had to click the link "View your posts" to be able to find the reply.

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