Changing group - reset

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Changing group - reset

Post by McHedgehoghunter » 07 Dec 2016, 15:38

I bought today one of the believer packs,
when I want to change my user group in the forum from "registered users" to "believer" and I click on the "Go" button I'll be sent to the user group of the believers. So far so good.
But If I look for my name in the group, I am the only one who has a white name and not a light blue name (like it should be, because I changed the user group). And when I am clicking on my name it sends me to my account page, where I can choose my user group, but now, I am in the "registered user" group again.

Is there any bug with the website or is it just the confirmation process, which takes that long ?

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Re: Changing group - reset

Post by Arrakis » 07 Dec 2016, 16:34

It's all being done manually by administration, that's why it's not instant ;)

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