Some questions

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Some questions

Post by Kimba » 12 Dec 2016, 16:11

Hello, I am playing Forest Village for 3 weeks now. While playing, there are some questions for me:

1.) Often I can't harvest all of my fields. Some of them still have up to 300 vegetables or fruits when the frost starts. I have to start harvesting them earlier, but I never find the right moment. When do you start to harvest your fields?

2.) How to increase the donkeys?

3.) How do you distribute your goods, so that there is every good where it belongs? Especially to achieve that every warehouse has a high variety of the different food types.

4.) How to increase the harvest of oats, should i start harvesting the oat before the farmer starts to harvest it independently? Or should I let him harvest the oats and then plant it again and harvest it at the right point?

5.) Does a hunter in the middle of my village make sense when there is no forest?

I hope you can help me with my questions, because the game is getting really difficult with up to 100 people.

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Re: Some questions

Post by Kimba » 20 Dec 2016, 10:03

Anyone? ;)

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Re: Some questions

Post by Inbox21 » 23 Dec 2016, 14:39

Hello Kimba,

1.) The biggest Problem here is that your People probably live far aways from the field or the storage is far aways from the field. What happends is hey losing a lot of their working time by walking. If they start walking from their house an arrive on the field maybe the only harvest like for 10sec. and then start to walk back to their house to gather food or refill some resources. In Winter time its even worse when they need to warm up at the house too.

So make sure the following is Close to the field:

- Water source (build fountains)
- Storage for harvestet goods
- Housing (assign Farmers for the field then build a house next to it, the Farmers automaticly moving inside the nearest house and have a short walk way)
- If you cant avoid walking, build field road (increase travel Speed) or Stone road (increase travel Speed by 2x)

2.) Two ways:

- Build port, ship, start Expedition for animals.
- Build stable (you automaticly get one donkey) move him and destroy the stbale.

Either way, this System is shit and Needs improvemts :crazy:

3.) With donkeys, the only way, but like sayed before, Needs improvments so villagers without a Job can just carry them or at least load a waggon and move.

4.) Oat is fast growing in the game and if you have a 1 man field with 26x size and respect the Points in 1.) they can almost harvest twice a year.

5.) No or at least he is very ineffective, animals automaticly spawn if forest is around, the only Thing you have to cover with hunter in your village is chicken or cows because wild animals will just walk into your village and starting to kill your animals even if there is no forest in you village! Especially in winter time Wolfs and Fox killing chicken all the time.

A good way here is to Switch to FP-mode and kill them with the farmer manually.

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