30hr gameplay feedback

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30hr gameplay feedback

Post by Zake0533 » 10 Sep 2016, 18:35

At first , I need to say sorry about not good at english (english is not my mother language).

1.The hides can't limited by option ! my barn full by hides. And my hunter still keep gather hides.

2.The people will fall into a loop sometime when they are on a slope terrain. (Y-shape Crossroad)
You can see the problem I said in this VOD. https://www.twitch.tv/zake0533/v/88546682

3.food consumption is kinda... too fast. I most use 4/5 people all go to field so I can gather enough food to get through the winter and until next year's harvest. (Will, this is so realistic XD) maybe can make a board show ppl need how many food a year. :good:

4.need a option that can control what resource they can use/take.

5.The tree always grow at my building's entrance, ppl will block by that. :x

6.The music is great. :Yahoo!:

7.I think bread is make by flour not grain.

8.people gather resource and will put them to Straight line distance (Directed distance) closest barn but the passway they walk is not the closest way (the barn they chose has a longer passway. ). I think they should chose passway shortest one

Some Idea:

1.use animal to Plowing and will fast than ppl but cast some oat.

2.Aborigines ! ppl can trade resouce with aborigines. or just other colony, or market can Barter things.

Not good at english but still want to help this game more better. ':'

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Re: 30hr gameplay feedback

Post by SPhoenix » 07 Nov 2016, 15:27

Wonderful, especially with English as a secondary language. Some errors, but nothing at all that made it confusing. Well done!

Also wanted to say that you noted some bugs that I was going to post, as well.

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Re: 30hr gameplay feedback

Post by Ancek.girl » 04 Dec 2016, 07:42

I really dont understand why everyone is saying its so difficult to feed everyone and they're scared of starvation. I constantly have a huge surplus of food, not one person died of starvation (except when i accidently trapped someone in a hole with terraforming :oops: )

At the moment i have 50 ppl, do problems with food come only after having larger population?

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Re: 30hr gameplay feedback

Post by Troof » 15 Jan 2017, 08:25

I run a 500 Villager Town atm.

For the food, you have to get so much food so that you can let your fields grow out to high yield every year, then it snowballs into a huge surplus of food if your population doesn't grow too fast without you noticing. For every new house build a field, and make sure to offer variety, fish, gatherer, hunter. Next step is to make pies whenever you can, they kinda act as seal of safety and can make a lil bit more out your harvested food. But make sure the pies supply doesn't break up suddenly, that can give you nasty surprise if you don't pay attention.

Bread is made out of flour yes, but i think they did it to give the bakery and easy to produce good from the get go. Making bread also flour based would require the mill for everything.

You can lock ressources when you doubleclick them in the global inventory screen.

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