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Post by ThorneRazeri » 14 Nov 2016, 16:59

I make this suggestion on the assumption that clay, granite, slate, and marble can appear below the surface without having to be on the surface. If this is not the case then my first suggestion is that it needs to be the case.

Once the above is possible, the prospecting skills should be modified as follows:

Digging at 0: Can prospect for Clay
Digging at 30: Can prospect for Copper
Digging at 60: Can prospect for Iron

Precious Prospecting at 0: Can prospect for Marble
Precious Prospecting at 30: Can prospect for Granite
Precious Prospecting at 60: Can prospect for Slate, Silver
Precious Prospecting at 90: Can prospect for Gold

This way folks can actually use Precious Prospecting in a meaningful way rather than grind it to 60 just to find Silver. Plus, it allows them to find Clay, Granite, Marble, and Slate underground. Adding those resources to the game in underground cells would also make sense as even locations out on the prairie may have valued resources deep underground.

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Re: Prospecting

Post by Styxwash » 15 Nov 2016, 13:27

Hopefully there's hidden resources below ground, aside from ore.

But the current trend on the MMO seems to keep it on the surface, of course, hidden is hidden, so there might be some.

I like the idea of having to search for and excavate deep clay/granite in desert and snow/mountain areas.

Leaving import as the only option seems abit rough, especially considering how horse carts won't even be there for release.

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Re: Prospecting

Post by ThorneRazeri » 15 Nov 2016, 20:14

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Bobik answered that these objects could not currently be found underground, but that it was possible to add down the road.

I also would love to see this. Such a feature was in Wurm and it was fun tunneling underground and finding one of these underground caches. Of course, Wurm had some weird 2d underground system that was totally immersion killing. <shudder>

Anyhow, please consider adding this. A single block of clay discovered underground (or the other item types) would make for a great feature and provide temporary real value to the claimant as a trade resource or bankable asset.

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