Why this game is better than any other.

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Post by Wizardsalcove » 05 Jan 2018, 21:53

Ok so I have been playing this game for about three weeks now. I have joined a guild, have tried 2 different characters. All I can say is ...this is the most repugnant, pathetic shit box of a fucked up game. Housed burn down it three days??? Tunnels collapse in less time. Fences disappear over night....fuck you and fuck you again. My grand father built two houses, My sister lives in one and I live in the other. They both have been around for almost 80 years, Our farm horse barn longer then that. The cow fencing my dad and grand father put up has been there for almost 40 years, AND IT DOES NOT fall down, the barn does not catch on fire and if I drop something in my back yard it will be there until I go fucking pic it up!!!!!!! This stupid fucking game should be banned and I really want my money back.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other then the game itself. Thank you guys in the guild for the help that you could give me, and I wish I could convince you to spend you time and money on a game that is worth the effort.

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Re: Reality

Post by Arrakis » 06 Jan 2018, 03:21

We always welcome constructive criticism that helps us make the game better. Unfortunately, this is not it. This is neither constructive, nor it is a criticism. What it is is an angry rant full of unnecessary swearing and insults. This will simply not work in here.

As for refunds, you can appeal to Xsolla support, as long as it's done in a more civilized manner than here.

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